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Overseas Program

We understand the needs of our overseas patients and your care and comfort is important to us. Our overseas program includes:

  • A full service program to meet your unique needs from the time you begin treatment till the time you travel home with your child.
  • Donors and surrogates are pre- screened, ready, and available to work with you with minimal or no wait time.
  • Excellent care, highly professional, trained, attentive, and caring staff.
  • An overseas USA partner to serve as your primary link with our program. Regular communication via emails, phone calls, reports on the surrogate's health and scans of the baby are provided to allow you to participate closely in the process.
  • Affordable pricing of about US $30,000 (a third of the cost of surrogacy overseas).
  • Payment in instalments according to the trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Direct payment to the surrogate. The centre does not interfere in the transaction of money between you and the surrogate.
  • Assistance with hotel, local transport, and domestic travel arrangements through our travel agent.

Overseas patients can visit our partner website For details contact Sharmeela Shah in California USA, at 408-693-5033,