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Social Awareness Initiatives by Dr Duru Shah

Dr Duru Shah's speech at FIGO Merit Award 2012 in Rome, Italy

Dr Duru Shah receiving FIGO Merit Award 2012 in Rome, Italy

Surrogacy : Tightening the rules BBC News

The IMS Mantra Film

A film on reducing Maternal Mortality

FOGSI Speaks

A program, which creates 1 minute, messages on Women’s Health for TV with the help of celebrities such as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mrs. Aishwarya Rai and Mr. Ajay Devgn to reach out to the masses through television.

Less No More - Kishori Project - "The Adolescent Empowerment Project

The Adolescent Empowerment Project "Kishori" (community based project) aimed at empowering adolescent girls with health, knowledge and vocation – adopted 2000 girls in Dharavi, the largest slum of Asia.

Ganga Yatra

Suprabha Ganga Yatra" (a 5 year project) - Rural Women's health program, was initiated on 18th January 2006, under the aegis of FOGSI. This project was undertaken to reduce the rate of women dying during childbirth which is very high in that region.