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Egg Donation

Ever since the first pregnancy through egg donation in 1984, egg donation/ oocyte donation has been on a rise. The success rate is around 30-40%.

An average donor will produce between 8 to 35 eggs, depending on how good her egg reserve is. A donor is allowed upto a maximum of 6 donations, at least 3 months apart.

Whom does it actually help ?

This may be the only hope for some women whose ovaries have stopped working, who are carrying some transmittable genetic disease and who have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer, resulting in premature ovarian failure.

Egg donation is also an option for women experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses. Egg Donors: These may be known or anonymous. In India, the identity of the egg donor has to be anonymous since there are social, ethical and legal issues related to gamete donation.

How does it work ?

The donors are screened thoroughly for all transmittable infections, any medical conditions. A complete medical evaluation is done followed by various tests to ascertain their general health.

We are allowed to use only those donors who have borne their own child/children, usually in an age group of 21-34. Screening & short listing takes around 3-4 weeks. Hemoglobin electrophoresis should be done to rule out thalassemia and sickle cell traits. Sonography and hormone tests to evaluate ovarian reserve are also done. The donor profile should be matching the recipients as much as possible, especially the physical traits like complexion, hair and eye color and height.

Sometimes, the intending parents are more specific in terms of ethnicity, religion, education, etc. Such donors are also available, though it may take a little longer to find, evaluate and screen them.

Ovarian Stimulation for donor

After finalizing a donor, she is stared on ovarian stimulation with hormonal injections from the 2nd/3rd day of her periods. When the eggs are mature enough & ready for ovulation, a trigger injection (HCG) is given & egg retrieval is performed under sedation 34-36 hours later through transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. These eggs are fertilized with husband’s/partner’s sperms in the laboratory.

Recipient Stimulation

Simultaneously, the uterine lining of the recipient must be prepared. The donor & recipient cycles are synchronized using birth control pills in the cycle prior to the treatment cycle. Estradiol tablets are given to build the uterine lining from the 2nd/3rd day of her periods, and when it is mature, progesterone injections are started. This usually coincides with the donor’s HCG injection.

Embryos are transferred into the womb of the recipient within 3-5 days of fertilization, coinciding with 3rd or 5th day of progesterone injections.

Possible risks to the egg donor

In case the donor gets over stimulated, she may have some bloating, abdominal discomfort, nausea and the like. Hyperstimulation occurs in < 5% and may need hospitalization. Egg donation will not have any long term health consequence.

The process of egg retrieval is done under anesthesia / sedation, which has some inherent, though remote, risks.

How can we help you ?

If you are seeking infertility treatment in Mumbai, India, whether you are Indian or non Indian national, and you need egg donors, our Gynaecworld infertility clinic at Kemps Corner can provide you the same as per your requirements, at an affordable cost. We can provide Caucasian donors as well through our collaboration with international egg donation agencies. We have a list of egg donors ready with us and once you confirm with us, we will start matching the profile. This usually takes a few weeks before we shortlist a healthy donor for you. Donor name and address are kept anonymous, though the physical characteristics may be revealed to the intending parents.

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