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Freezing and Storing Embryos

Embryo freezing or cryopreservation entails freezing and storing embryos at a very low temperature of -196⁰C in liquid nitrogen. This is usually done when couples have excess embryos produced in an IVF/ICSI cycle. At times, during an IVF cycle, embryo transfer into the womb is cancelled due to some reasons. These embryos can be frozen and stored for thawed- frozen- embryo transfer in later cycles.

When is embryo freezing done ?

  • Excess embryos from IVF cycles
  • Cancelled embryo transfer, which happens if you are hyperstimulated or your womb lining/ womb blood flow is not good enough to achieve a pregnancy after embryo transfer
  • If you have a medical problem or are undergoing treatment that can jeopardize your fertility, and you want o make sure that you have some embryos stored for future use
  • You want to get pregnant later but freeze your embryos now.


  • You could use frozen embryos in future
  • You could consent to their use in research
  • You could donate them (Embryo Donation)
  • Discard them.

Chances of getting pregnant with frozen embryos

There’s a slightly lower chance of pregnancy with frozen embryos compared to fresh ones. Having said that, many IVF centers in the world today are practicing only thawed frozen embryo transfers, especially to reduce the complications and risks of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

Embryos are not affected by the duration they have been stored for. Usually, frozen embryos have a good chance of surviving the process of freezing as well as thawing.

How can we help you with embryo freezing at Gynaecworld Fertility Center ?

With a state-of-the art embryology lab and team of experienced embryologists at Gynaecworld Fertility Center, we can facilitate your embryo freezing and storage. We are proud of our success rates in terms of pregnancy with frozen embryos.

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