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Freezing and Storing Sperms

Sperms can be frozen and stored and later on thawed and used for treatment

When will you need Sperm Freezing ?

  • Declining sperm count and quality
  • If you are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy/ radiotherapy/surgery which is likely to damage your testes.
  • As a backup for IUI/ IVF. Some men are quite nervous on the day of egg pick and ovulation. As a result, they cannot produce a semen sample that day. In such cases, we keep a back-up sample frozen at or before the start of fertility treatment cycle.
  • You are travelling and unable to produce the sample when you partner is undergoing IUI/ IVF
  • You want to donate sperms.

What to expect when freezing and storing sperm ?

You are screened for infections like HIV, hepatitis, syphylis. A written consent will be obtained from you for “Sperm Freezing”. You will need to abstain from intercourse for 2 to 5 days before collecting the semen sample meant for freezing.

Your semen sample is assessed to decide how many straws/ vials can be made. One vial /straw should have enough sperm sample for one treatment cycle. Though freezing is done in the best possible way, there’s no guarantee that the sperms will survive freezing and thawing. The semen samples are stored in liquid nitrogen at 196⁰C. You can withdraw your consent for sperm freezing at any time. When thawed, sperms may be used for IUI or IVF. If the sperms are not of best quality after thawing, then ICSI may be done.

What all can you do with the frozen sperms ?

  • You could get them thawed and use in the fertility treatment by IUI, IVF or ICSI
  • Donate it if you wish
  • Get it discarded

How can we, at Gynaecworld Fertility Center, Mumbai, help you ?

At Gynaecworld Fertility Center, all the possible facilities for sperm freezing and storage are available. From andrologist consultation to actual sperm freezing, IVF/IUI/ICSI, all facilities have been combined under one roof. Sperm freezing is available at an affordable cost with success rates matching the best centers in India.

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