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Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure used to place sperms into a woman’s womb when her egg is ovulating. This bypasses the cervix and sperms are deposited as close to the tubal opening as possible, shortening their tedious journey to meet the egg in the fallopian tube. The chances of getting pregnant naturally in one cycle is 8-10%. With IUI, the chances go up to 20-28% per cycle.

When do we need IUI ?

IUI is a procedure to help couples who are having difficulty in getting pregnant. It is either done in natural cycles or cycles where ovulation drugs are given to the woman. The growth of egg/eggs is monitored by serial ultrasounds. IUI is timed at the time of ovulation, which is 36 hours after the ovulation trigger injection.

When do you need IUI ?

  • Male infertility: When the male partner has a difficulty in intercourse or sperm count and motility are subnormal, IUI is of particular help. Males who have problems in developing an erection, and problems with ejaculation, benefit by IUI. Some males do not have any sperms in their semen. This condition is called azoospermia. Such men benefit by donor semen and IUI, also called donor insemination (DI). DI is also helpful where male partner is suffering from some genetic disease or is a carrier of the same. In order to prevent the child from getting the disease, donor semen may be used.
  • Unexplained infertility – The condition where no cause for infertility can be ascertained in either partner. Some of such patients may benefit from IUI.
  • Single women using donor sperms
  • Women undergoing ovarian stimulation with IUI

How is the IUI done ?

Semen collection is done by masturbation into a wide mouthed container or in a special non- medicated condom during sexual intercourse. You are advised to abstain from sex for 3 days before . You are given a room at the center where you can collect the semen. In men with erection and ejaculation problems, vibrators or electrical stimulation may be used to achieve the same. Once the semen is collected, it is washed and treated in the laboratory. This process removes dead sperms, infections and seminal fluid.

The woman is asked to lie down supine on a table after confirming her ovulation. The washed sperms are then taken in a narrow tube, insemination catheter, and put into the womb through the vagina by slow injection. This procedure is not painful and is not done under any sedation or anesthesia. Some women, however, experience mild cramps. You may lie down for 15-20 minutes, following which you resume your daily activities. It takes a few minutes to complete the procedure. However semen washing may take an hour and a half.

Success Rates

Success rates may be around 20% per cycle but may vary, depending on the duration and cause of infertility, and use of ovulation drugs. Male partners with severe sperm count and motility issues will have lower success rates. It is important that the fallopian tubes connecting the womb to the ovary are patent for IUI to work. Otherwise, the sperms cannot reach the egg.

Any Risks ?

There is a 1% chance of pelvic infection following IUI. Other risks involved are those associated with ovarian stimulation.

What if IUI does not work ?

Fertility treatment options will need to be reviewed. Sometimes, we offer different ovulation drugs or even injections to make more eggs ovulate. At other times, especially when there are severe semen abnormalities, IVF and ICSI is recommended. Donor semen insemination is also an alternative in such cases.

How can we, at Gynaecworld Fertility Center, help you ?

At our fertility clinic in the heart of Mumbai, we can help you with facilities like IUI, Ovarian Stimulation, ultrasound monitoring, semen wash and freezing for storage. In case there is a need , and you want donor semen, that can also be arranged at an affordable cost.

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