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Durba and Rabin

There are no words to truly express how much we appreciated your support during our trying times. Every doctor, every nurse, and every staff member are very knowledge, kind, and caring. You came as angles in the times we lost hope.

You are truly in our hearts each time we look at our son.

Shivangi Shetye

Where do I start in thanking Dr. Duru Shah and her team (Dr. Saba, Dr. Zeal, Dr. Roma, Urmila and the nurses) for such wonderful attention and care before and during my pregnancy. The words kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, warm, elegant, genuine and sincere come to mind when I think about you! Not only do you have all these wonderful qualities, but the quality that sets you and the team apart is to have such a calmness and patience when dealing with patients like me that are nervous, scared and have a million questions, that made me “happy” with what our decision to have chosen you as our doctor.

You delivered our two bundles of joy, I wanted to give you a note as a token of our gratitude for all you have done for me. I have so appreciated your help and guidance, look forward to a long doctor and patient relationship and friendship! I will definitely recommend Gynaecworld to all my family, friends and colleagues.

Our journey with surrogacy started when I met a Social Worker who was working with us on becoming Qualified Adoptive Parents through the Judicial system and I suggested that I would like to explore some more options. She suggested surrogacy - in the US or abroad, this gave me some ideas and I started searching.

Since then I have completed lots o Internet searches, researches and emails. I contacted many agencies both in the US and abroad - Mexico, Jamaica, China, Africa and the list goes on. During my discussions with the Social Worker she gave me the names of a few individuals that she thought could help me, one of which was Jennifer Alliare of 360 Global Health Inc.

I spoke with Jennifer on and off for about 2 yrs mostly gathering. She was kind, informative and her tone was reassuring, I did not feel rushed or that my concerns were not addressed. I continued to keep in touch with Jennifer until I was ready to commence our surrogacy journey. She was over whelming supportive and if you need someone to explain something in layman's term that would be her. There was no pressure or was I asked for any money before we were ready to move forward.

My husband and I decided to go ahead in the Spring of 2014, so I again called up Jennifer - never met hr in person, never skyped but we had a genuine business relationship. She assure me that the journey would be challenging but that she would be there every step of the way. For us, having a family has been the most important thing since we got married in 1999. We tried IVF x5 and each time it did not work it was devastating and a huge blow financially and emotionally. there were times we considered throwing in the towel and it all seemed so incredible upsetting and painful - we couldn't see how we could continue.

Since making our acquaintance with Jennifer, e were introduced to Whitney and Kelly all of 360 Global Health, Inc. Shortly thereafter we were introduced to Dr Duru Shah of Gynecworld Fertility of Mumbai, India. Soon thereafter - January of 2015 my husband and I went to meet with her and a whole new world opened up for us. My husband and I met with Dr Shah and her team, such lovely people and since then our lives have been enriched beyond measure. An attainable goal, a reachable solution and a feeling that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. So we all started to progress on this journey - Jennifer and Whitney, even though they had different responsibilities they were there every step of the way. When we became scared, tired, confused, anxious and sometimes losing hope - Jennifer who is an excellent listener, she explained the step in such a way it gives fresh hope each time, whereas, Whitney puts information together so one could see the full picture.

Shortly thereafter, we were assigned a surrogate, there was not any interaction between us and her, however, she was the right person for us because it was our time and soon we were expecting our twins to enter the world in December 2015. This is our lives, our children's lives - it is a personal and precious relationship with people from the opposite side of the world forged on the common goal to bring to healthy babies into the world.

The new addition to the family improved our quality of life. The working together with different agencies to accomplish a common goal with frantic parents in the middle epitomizes the true nature of a cohesive business relationship. One thing we know for sure is that we will never forget this journey and the friendships that were borned through these relationships.

The agency who helped and guided us through a process that for so many years seemed beyond reach for us. This process is o much more that a business relationship and we will b forever grateful.

Amit & Shamira Anand

Words or gestures cannot match up to convey the gratude and respect that we have for you and for the manner in which you have helped us. We have always had the highest regards for you as well as the multi decades of experience and knowledge, but to first hand experience the care that you have taken for us along with valuable guidance, especially once we decided to try and conceive, and then though the pregnancy, labour, delivery and post delivery.

We are overwhelmed with the utmost care & love that you and your entire team at GynavWorld has extended to us. We have always received a sense of safety & security under your supervision. We truly value that you deal with all the risks and in doing so, taking no chances at all and are strict vigil on all parameters, regularly. Given we tested +ve for Dengue in the 1st Trimester, we shall never forget your best efforts for us, be it immediately getting us admitted, to coordinating all necessary treatments and your support through out that most difficult and traumatic period. We appreciate your straight forwardness in conveying all issues, upfront, with no sugar coating. We truly apppreciate the forthrightness and prefer knowing all risks and difficult and keeping us informed on all eventualities and how best to deal with the situation at hand.

You have a strong team at Gyncacworld of excellent talent. We have always experienced extreme care and love from all your doctors be it Dr. Roma, Dr. Zeal, Dr. Sabah and the aleays smiling and nursing and front desk staff. They all in their own way have been pillars of strength in moments of weakness much like you have been for us.

We can on and on... and as we started with, words cannot match up to convey our gratitude and respect for you. We thank you for helign us through out this beautifull journey,holding our hand and bringing our bundle of joy AANIA to us. Shall forever remain indebted to you.

Lauren Finnerty, Tammuz

Where to begin. I don't think there is a word to describe gynaecworld. I feel very blessed to have been there because I feel that they treat us as individuals, they know you by name and your personal well being is a priority for them. The doctor and nurses are very professional and good in what they do. Everything about this process was made easier knowing I'm in the hands of them."

I thought you might like to know this.

We all feel the same way!


Dearest Dr. Shah, Dr. Gandhali, Dr. Roma, Dr. Kalyani, Dr. Soumya & all the staff at Gynaecworld, I delivered my precious baby-Pramit on 25th November'2010 and want to thank each one of you profusely for making these 9 months for me full of care and joy.

This phase of my life will always be cherished due to the care, warmth, expert advice and support that you all showed me. I really can't thank you guys enough!

You all make a fabulous team and I will recommend you guys to all and more and will surely stay in touch!

Mini and Mukesh

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful support through our journey into parenthood. You made every moment special and memorable and made us feel one in million.

Our little mischievous bundle arrived on Oct 15, 2010 and it was the most special beginning of another journey for us.

Special thanks to Dr.Gandhali who was with us through the entire exhausting labor. Couldn't have done without her. I think I broke a few bones in her hand. God bless!! Thank you so much all over again!


To dearest Dr. Shah and all staff members, Today I am so happy just because of you guys. You all have made possible for me to be mother which every woman is proud to be and I can give a beautiful gift to my husband. I had been taken care like a daughter throughout my pregnancy, delivery and after that also. I was very comfortable here and I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy. My experience was so beautiful that I will recommend it to all whom I know. Thanks Thanks Thanks


I came with a beard to Gynaecworld and didn't know why. Dr. Shah has been my doctor since 2005 and the reason behind my continuing to live a healthy, positive and hair free life. Over the years I realized that my condition was due to PCOS.

I have found Gynaecworld a place where you get comprehensive knowledge about problems faced by woman, a place which makes you feel safe. I have shifted to Powai but I will still feel comfortable only coming here. I have been suffering from PCOS, high sugar since 2005 but I have always felt healthy because I know I am in safe hands.

Dr. Duru Shah you cant say that you can love her because she is so strict and tough but I have to say I adore her. Gynaecworld is she and she means safety/trust. I trust Gynaecworld. If this place can't cure me none can.

"You have helped me to achieve most women's wish in life that of being a mother. During my pregnancy I have become part of a wonderful family of which I will never forget. For all the care, nursing and love shown to me and my baby we will always be in your debt."