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Effects of PCOS

The most crucial thing for you to understand is that PCOS is NOT just a cosmetic or period problem. Women with PCOS often do not realise that they have an increased risk of developing a number of long term problems.

It is important to have your general health monitored regularly by your Gynaecologist till menopause even though the symptoms of PCOS may disappear. Middle age is the time when most of the long term effects of PCOS begin to appear.

The following are some of the PCOS related effects:

  • Infertility

    PCOS is very often diagnosed after failure in trying to conceive for a while. Until then, many women disregard their symptoms as troublesome and not worthy of a visit to the Gynaecologist. Difficulty in conception is usually due to a hormonal disturbance which inhibits ovulation (formation and release of eggs from the ovary). This problem may be overcome by various medications, (such as clomiphene, HMG, FSH) commonly used at our Assisted Fertility Unit , which induce ovulation and help the couple to conceive.

  • Diabetes (Type 2)

    Up to 40 per cent of women with PCOS suffer from Type 2 Diabetes by the age of 44years. It is extremely important that women with PCOS take serious lifestyle measures, such as, dietary changes and exercise, in order to protect themselves from Diabetes.

  • High Cholesterol and Cardiovascular disease

    The hormonal imbalance associated with PCOS further causes an imbalance in the various cholesterols in the body. There is a tendency for the HDL (good cholesterol) to be low and the LDL (bad cholesterol) to be raised in women with PCOS.

    Since cardiovascular disease is closely related to cholesterol, the risk of such disease (heart attacks) is raised in women with PCOS.

  • Cancer of the Endometrium

    As women with PCOS have infrequent ovulation, they are exposed to continuous estrogen, and no progesterone throughout the menstrual cycle.

    Therefore, if you think you have PCOS, please DO NOT IGNORE YOUR SYMPTOMS. There is an urgent need to look beyond these minor complaints, and realize the intensity of health problems which may come your way.