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Process for Surrogacy

What is surrogacy ?

We have been hearing a lot about surrogacy. However, do we really know what does the term surrogacy mean? Surrogacy is an arrangement wherein a surrogate mother lends her uterus to another couple who cannot have a baby of their own due to certain conditions.

Surrogacy in Mumbai is on the rise due to multiple reasons. It is offered to women who have problems with the uterus, have had many unsuccessful attempts at IVF and to those who are not permitted to carry a pregnancy due to medical problems.

At our center, we offer gestational surrogacy to people from all the countries where surrogacy is permitted. Due to our excellent pregnancy rates, our center is one of the well known Surrogacy Clinics in Mumbai. At our surrogacy clinic in Mumbai, India, all surrogates are thoroughly screened for medical problems, infections and feasibility of getting pregnant. Low cost of IVF in general makes surrogacy affordable in India for patients coming from abroad. Since couples have usually made several attempts at getting pregnant prior to embarking on surrogacy in India, it is important that surrogacy is affordable and at the same time efficient. “Affordable surrogacy is what attracts couples to India”.

The steps involving the surrogacy program are as follows

  • Send us an enquiry with your medical records.
  • Our specialists will review your history and records and revert to you at the earliest.
  • Once the decision to proceed is made, you need to get in touch with our legal advisor and make sure that the required paperwork is complete. You also need to contact your embassy and enquire about the required documents. Our legal advisor would be glad to assist you with them.
  • Meanwhile, we will advertise for a surrogate for you, screen the candidates and allocate the appropriate one for your embryo transfer. This process requires a minimum deposit prior to initiation, which you can simply wire to our account.
  • Once your dates of travel are decided, we will synchronise your / egg donor's (ED) cycle with that of the surrogate.
  • You may start the process of ovarian stimulation back home, if you have access to the injections and arrive on the 6th day of the period. However, if accessing the injections is a problem, you will need to reach Mumbai on the 1st or 2nd day of the period.
  • Monitoring of the stimulation with ultrasonography and blood levels, giving injections, oocyte retrieval, and embryo transfer are done at the centre itself.
  • The pregnancy test is done 14 days post embryo transfer. We will send you a copy of the results via email.