Should I go for an IVF cycle? Will it work for me? What are my chances to conceive with an IVF cycle?

Should I go for an IVF cycle? Will it work for me? What are my chances to conceive with an IVF cycle? Are such similar confusing questions clouding your mind? The true fact is that IVF success rates vary from patient to patient, depending on multiple factors since every patient’s case is unique and specific. Since the birth of Louis Brown, the first test-tube baby, almost 40 years ago; 6 million babies have been born through ART  and so many couples have finally got their ‘happy family’ moment to cherish.

There are some factors which help determine success rates of an IVF cycle.

AGE: The most important is the woman’s age. It is interesting to know that a woman’s eggs are stored in her ovaries almost 6 months before she is born! While she grows and attains puberty and starts to ovulate, the number of eggs go on diminishing per cycle. This number plummets all the more after the age of 35 and attaining pregnancy post that becomes a task. Along with the number, the quality declines too. For women aged >42 yrs, the live birth rate is approximately 3-4%, while it is around 32% for women <35 years. It is important to understand that there is a difference between live birth rates and pregnancy rates. Not all pregnancies result in a live baby. Sometimes, pregnancies end up in miscarriages too.

TYPE OF FERTILITY PROBLEMS: These can be related to either the man or the woman. In case of women, there can congenital anomalies, some of which can be corrected. Fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis decreases the success rate of IVF, but these conditions can be first taken care of before doing the cycle. Patients with decreased ovarian reserve/raised FSH level require higher dose of fertility drugs. Ovulatory problems like PCOS also interferes with fertility.

In case of males, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) can be a savior for almost all types of male fertility.

PREVIOUS PREGNANCY: If there has been a previous conception with the same partner, there is a greater probability of IVF success. It is important to remember that the chances of success decrease with increasing amount of time.

LIFESTYLE FACTORS: A compromised lifestyle plays a big role in IVF success. Habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption are detrimental to the egg as well as sperm quality. Smokers require repeated IVF attempts and have lower implantation rates. Obesity also hampers IVF results and increases the risk of miscarriages.

FERTILITY CLINIC: The success rates also depend on the fertility clinic you go to. Attending to minute details, the expertise of the staff, individualisation of protocols and the quality control of the lab are hugh factors in achieving a successful IVF cycle.

Success  rates also depend on:

  • Achieving a singleton pregnancy is what we aim for. Twins are welcomed by most couples as well. But, multiple pregnancies do have their own risks during pregnancy.
  • We have to bear in mind that transferring more embryos at one time does not increase the chance of a live birth significantly, but may only increase the risk of multiple pregnancies.
  • The age of the woman is also taken into consideration in accordance with the number of embryos to be transferred.
  • Lastly, the use of donor eggs in patients with increased age and decreased ovarian reserve yields higher success rates. According to CDC data, the rate of live birth with donor eggs is around 55-60% per cycle. (CDC- Centers for Disease control & prevention) There is an option of using donor sperms and donor embryos as well in certain situations, depending on the type of fertility problem; both of which have good success rates in IVF.

At Gynaecworld, we take pride in having excellent success rates with respect to both fresh and frozen embryo transfers. Our lab has a state-of-the-art vitrification process, i.e freezing of gametes/embryos. We offer the option of donor gametes as well with great success rates. You can be rest assured about the transparency of all the procedures done here in order to help you conceive. Your trust and belief makes us work harder to give you your little bundle of joy!





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