Male infertility causes and treatment

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“I could not tolerate to be around friends with children, I felt so lonely!”  “It’s like a life changing impact on us.” These words perturb the minds of many men who, unfortunately suffer from male infertility.

Most men are shockingly surprised to discover that they are infertile. Male infertility accounts for 40-50% of total infertility, yet fertility has always been predominantly associated with females.

Male infertility affects the sperm count, motility or even the morphology of sperms. It is usually due to problems affecting either the production or transportation of sperms. You must have heard about the term Azoospermia, which means complete absence of sperms. Oligospermia refers to low sperm count. In such cases, it is sometimes possible to achieve a pregnancy.


  1. A pre-existing genetic condition/ Changes in the Y chromosome.
  2. Hormonal disorders.
  3. Block/obstruction in the male reproductive tract.
  4. Varicocoele: Dilatation of testicular veins, affecting sperm production.
  5. Certain medications, Radiation.
  6. Sexually transmitted infections.
  7. Sexual dysfunction, antibodies against one’s own sperms.
  8. Lifestyle causes like smoking, excessive alcohol, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.
  9. Wearing tight-fitted clothing, excessive exposure to heat in saunas.
  10. Any injury to the groin area.





Very often men go undiagnosed due to inadequate diagnostic workup.

First and foremost: Detailed history and physical examination by an andrologist.

A basic semen analysis test is done to find out the number and the quality of sperms. Hormonal tests, if needed are done along with a scrotal ultrasonography.

There are some advanced tests which are usually done in case of repeated cycle failures. These include: Sperm DNA fragmentation test, Functional sperm tests and also a complete genetic workup as well.

Several studies have shown that sperm counts are on a declining spree all over the world. The exact cause for this cannot be pinpointed at, but timely diagnosis and treatment can help curing male  infertility.

Evaluation of the female partner is equally important to get a complete overview of the case.


  1. Use of oral antioxidants has shown to have a beneficial effect on sperms.
  2. A healthy, balanced diet with moderate and regular exercise.
  3. Treating of infections and counseling to avoid them.
  4. Surgical correction of varicocoeles or obstructions in the male reproductive tract.
  5. Counselling to improve problems of sexual dysfunction.
  6. ART treatments:  In-vitro fertilization  (IVF) can be tried or finally Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)  is  used to treat almost all forms of male infertility.
  7. In cases, where sperm collection by ejaculation is not possible, sperm retrieval can be done directly through the testis or epididymis (TESA/PESA), which is a short procedure.
  8. Use of donor sperm or adoption can be the last resort when all treatments fail.

Coping with male infertility can be stressful and emotionally draining. At Gynaecworld, we take care to understand, support and thus reduce the stress associated with male infertility. You can also consult with our andrologist for detailed understanding of your problems. Along with our expertise, all the services are available under one roof to help you better. Hence, acceptance and timely intervention will definitely ease the issue of male infertility.



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